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While you’ve discovered the challenges that can keep you from innovation (and how to navigate them) and ways to engage your teams around driving change in this series, this guide to innovation would not be complete without these best practices that prevent you from making rookie mistakes or stifling your…

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Lack of courageous leadership is a problem that plagues every modern organization, from building consensus to identifying what needs to change to implementing solutions that bring real improvements. It isn’t easy, and leaders have to invest in themselves and their development to become change-capable leaders.

A successful change agent initiates…

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My series on innovation, tech and business continues as we examine how business and government responses to COVID-19 are revealing creative ways to tackle significant problems resulting from the pandemic.

Life as we know it has changed dramatically and it remains to be seen how effectively and quickly economies, governments…

Luiz Henrique Gondim

Transformational technology executive with 19+ years of success developing and implementing innovative, data-driven business solutions for AB Inbev.

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